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kiki is my guinea pig by SaturnCheese kiki is my guinea pig by SaturnCheese
Thank you in advance for the views, comments, and favorites!

After finding a not-quite-tutorial on =The-GK's Tumblr, I really needed an excuse to practice lineart because it gave some beautiful tips and helped me figure out why my lineart is always so stiff and, when it's done, the feeling of the original sketch is gone. I was actually really happy with this when I was done outlining as well as ready to pull my hair out because this was so time-consuming and decided to slap some color on so I could upload it here because whoa I've been dead for months.

Aaanyway, this is a waist shot my OC Kiki Ariadni, which some of you may or may not know because she is literally the only thing I draw nowadays. I played with her design a lot and decided mainly due to her bust-size because at 16 she is still flat as a board this was like, a non-canon older Kiki. She looks way too mature and this really isn't her style - actual older!Kiki wouldn't look much different from her regular design. For whatever reason the blue was originally going to be pink, but I changed it because I thought this looked better. I also wish I could color hair because damn it looks flat here.

Also I could have given her pants but I really love drawing thighs and panties /ollies out

3+ Hours
Paint Tool SAI
G4MM43T4 Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
loving the hair, nice and flowy
WhiteGerberuu Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2013
This is absolutely gorgeous. I really love the lineart here and the shading is amazing!

I'm seriously in love with the shading in her hair OuO
Astro-Creep166 Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2013  Student General Artist
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February 26, 2013
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